MAKEOVERS: 20 Low-Cost Ways To Drive Your Home’s Value

Inexpensive Fix-Up Secrets Every Home Seller Should Know…

Everyone has a favorite pair of old shoes. You know the ones – they’re broken in and fit just right. But those old shoes would never get a second look if they were for sale.

The same goes for homes. Those that appear shop-worn, like an old pair of shoes, don’t appeal to today’s buyers.

Your home has only one chance to make a good first impression. The secret to getting the most of your home when you sell is to spend some time, effort, and money beforehand getting it ready to sell faster and pocket more cash tomorrow.

By making  ” marker smartimprovements, you’ll come out ahead. Of course, every home can benefit from lots of elbow grease. But you can realize bigger returns when you go a step further with a few ” best-foot-forward” improvements. The secret is NOT to undertake major remodeling projects before you sell. Spending too much on too many projects just drains money out of your pocket.

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